LB Snow Tune and Repair offers professional service of the highest quality. Whether you are a novice recreational skier and or snowboarder or a competitor with knowledge about tune and repair, we assure satisfaction in our work. LB methods of tune and repair differ from other tune shops in that we do everything by hand; that is, we do not use machines. We mix a combination of conventional tools such as flat files and hand brushes with the most advanced modern hand tools on the market. By moving hand held tools across every inch of your bases we guarantee a precision unmatched by machines.

Our technicians at offer over a decade of experience and have dealt with every type of repair. We are experts on the technical aspects of how skis and snowboards work on the snow, which means that we customize each tune based on: the type of ski or snowboard, base material, ski/board condition and shape, snow conditions, skier type, and the personal preferences of the customer. Tuning skis and snowboards differently from one another is imperative as they encounter the snow in different ways. The customization that we offer from tune to tune is unparalleled.

Skiing and snowboarding is our passion and our lifestyle. Our main concerns involve shredding and improving the local ski and snowboard community. We desire to expand and progress local events and the culture as a whole in the area. We strongly believe that skiing and snowboarding are positive additions to everybody’s life. With this idea as the foreground, we seek to create opportunity for all to be able to share the wonders of the sport.