Lift Liberation Packages

$430 Voile DIY split board package*

We install the Voile DIY kit to your board. This is a set stance, so choose wisely. Includes Slider Track and pins to fully integrate any normal snowboard binding.

$405 Voile DIY package for Spark/Voile bindings

Same as package above without the Slider Track.

$375 Voile DIY package for Spark R&D Tesla system bindings

Same as package above but without the tour mode since Spark R&D Tesla system – binding comes with its own tour mode.

$480 Voile Universal split board package

This upgrade is the same package as the DIY except with Voile Universal pucks. These give you angle options. We also install two additional holes under each foot to give you two inches of width variance and stance positioning on your board.

$455 Voile Universal package for Spark/Voile bindings

$425 Voile Universal package for Spark R&D Tesla system

$15 additional for Karakoram clip upgrade

$40 additional for G3 skin or Spark R&D skin upgrade

$10 for each additional t-nut or Quiver Killer insert

$350 Karakoram system installation package
This includes Karakoram clips. Bindings sold separately.

* All packages include Voile Skins

What you get in an LB Snow custom split board conversion:

The Cut
LB Snow has teamed up with Armadillo Off-Road to cut your board with a water-jet. The water-jet exerts about 60,000 pounds of pressure through a hole smaller than a ball point pen (45,000ths inch) to remove the least amount of material possible while achieving a perfect computerized cut. It will cut through any unexpected foreign material that may be found within the board with ease.

We then sand the inside edge, add 3 layers of sparaurethane and a coat of epoxy. This will keep the core of your board safe from weather and strong against debris and damage that may be found along the skin track.

Hardware Installation

Our installation process has been an innovative adventure that has been refined into an exact science. Every step is measured twice while using a drill press to ensure that all holes are perfectly strait. We use T-Nuts as well as Quiver Killer inserts under foot for stance options to minimize the amount of holes in your board while still guaranteeing strength and safety.

The Finish

Every split board conversion at LB Snow comes with a full tune. The full tune includes base grind, hand bevel and edge, slow hot wax and brushing series.


At LB Snow we do our best to provide our customers with a flawless finished product. Our workmanship is guaranteed. If a problem arises that is within our control, we will go to any length to ensure customer satisfaction.

Shipping Info:

Ship us your board and we will send you back a split!

Add $20 to your total to assist us with shipping cost so we can continue to provide a quality product at an affordable price.